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Introduction to the enterprise
   Guangzhou south door industry co., LTD(13725244320)Professional design,Production and installation of various types of electric gate,The electric telescopic door,Electric garage door,Aluminum alloy steel shutters,Rapid rolling door,Stainless steel rolls brake,Crystal gate,Mute gate,Wind gate,Parking brake,Three rod roller shutter, etc。Can be set up according to your request manually、Electric、Remote control mode of transmission。
Our company introduced Japanese injection molding machine、Die casting machine in Germany、Automatic aluminum cutting machine and other advanced equipment,Good ensures that every component of the product is the highest requirements。In the long years along the way,The south door industry has been committed to intelligent door control products ...... More
  • Crystal folding door
  • Double aluminum alloy shutter
  • Electric garage door
  • Crystal shutter
  • Crystal folding door
  • Tubular motor
  • Gate motor
  • Rapid rolling door
  • Cream-colored galvanized volumes gate
  • Silent gate
  • The electric telescopic door
  • Stainless steel rolls brake
Keywords:Fold the sliding door/The electric telescopic door/Electric gate /Gate/Crystal gate/Aluminum alloy steel shutters/The shutter/Rapid rolling door/Electric gate repairs/Guangzhou shutter/Electric garage door /Gate motor/Silent gate
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